Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Join the Navy

“Join the Navy and Travel the World”

 (also avail of free CLEP testing!)

I like ships. The bigger the better, because I left my sea legs at the bottom of the ocean once I put on weight. And big ships don’t plunge into the abyss as much as little ones do. I’ve been at sea in the throes of a heavy gale, and I’ve been in the throbbing engine room at port. Oddly enough, I was sea-sick at port and not at sea. Sometimes trying to navigate your way through the fog of examination testing can seem disorienting. Have you ever been in a “pea-souper” and been unable to see seven feet in front of you, and the only sound is lapping water against the hull?

The idea of going into the unknown is sometimes terrifying, but having a chart and the moaning fog-horn can make a sailor's life easier to make it back to land. There's a similarity with examination-based testing like the CLEP.®
It’s the fear of the unknown that means lots of people safely stay on land and pay full tuition to gain those credits, but doing it this way costs around $150 for up to three credits and saves you almost $800 on many of those required courses

12 Credits for a test! You can’t be serious… I most certainly am. These three tests can gain you between 3 and 12 credits for a passing score.

Languages. I grew up trying to learn three languages - Irish, English and French.  Much later I tried my hand at German, so I can manage to buy a beer and a meal in four languages,
but that’s not what I’m “talking" about here.  Language proficiency is what
counts, and the CLEP examination has three languages available that can gain you up to 12 credits.

Levels 1 and 2 usually result in a 3-6 credit allowance, depending on your college.

Levels 1 and 2 usually result in a 3-6 credit allowance, depending on your college.

Levels 1 and 2 usually result in a 3-6 credit allowance, depending on your college.

Choosing your college based upon the number of credits they will accept this way may save you thousands of dollars. I don’t provide advice on languages or language schools particularly, although those who’ve been in the military language schools can gain college credit for that training, which will save them cash in the future. If you are a native Spanish speaker and can read and write it too, then you’ll be well on your way to gaining at least six credits. If that’s you, contact me and I’ll let you know how that works. My personal e-mail will be in my book, and there will be a link to it somewhere on the blog here. It will cost less than $5 because I want you to save yourself money

Some other colleges allow you to take tests in other languages and will accept them as credit, but since I’m currently talking about CLEP
testing, that’s for another post.

Don’t forget, the guys who send me pizza money also can prepare you for your CLEP language tests (plus many others) for a small fee, and sometimes they’ll even reduce it further or give you thirty days free trial.
They’re good guys. Just make sure you let them know I sent you, and I’ll be able to get pizza again in a few weeks. Visit them at InstantCert.

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