Thursday, June 14, 2012

College Credit Exams and the Learned Leprechaun

College Credit for Less and the Learned Leprechaun
Save yourself some Gold and earn College Credit for Less!
See you on March 17th!

It’s four AM and I haven’t slept a wink! That means it’s typical Leprechaun hunting time - just as the sun is about to breach the horizon.  My grandfather, Lord rest him, used to tell stories of the “little people” and the ways they’d trap ye in a field just around sunrise.  For all his stories he never did turn up a pot of Gold.  As far as I can discern, the only way to make any gold at all is by securing a college degree. The objective is noble and my strategy is fairly clear in that I’m going to earn College Credit for Less by doing my own self study and taking CLEP® exams, plus other types of exams that I’ll write about later.

The “little people” were renowned for their vast knowledge which I presume has something to do with living for thousands of years! It won’t take you that long to get your degree by doing tests, but you’ll certainly save yourself a crock of gold in the process.

Since the CLEP® exam can be taken by anyone regardless of age. and the information is stored for 20 years, this way of getting a degree would be implemented by any Learned Leprechaun.  If languages aren’t your strong point then something else may be. There are 33 CLEP exams available to take.  Some others which will give you up to six credits include:

CLEP Humanities  - 6 credits awarded

CLEP Social Sciences and History - 6 credits awarded

CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature - 6 credits awarded

I’m not as learned as I’d like to be, so some of these tests would require major investment of time to get the grade I’d need.  My first objective is to gain credit for the learning that I already have.  My strong point is History, and I’m sure I’d make a fair effort at the Social Sciences and History exam, but I do want to learn about my adopted homeland (more than what I was required to do to pass the citizenship test).

There are three History exams which I’ll be focusing on in this blog.  They are:

US History I CLEP

US History II CLEP

Civil War and Reconstruction DSST

Each of these exams are worth three humanities credits, with the Civil War and Reconstruction being granted higher level credits in some schools.

Why I chose History! Because I like it and it holds my interest.  Also, most kids in the United States have a grasp of their own nation’s history so I will be able to assist more of them earn College Credit for Less by focusing on a subject that they are familiar with. I also wanted to allow foreign students who have emigrated to the United States (like myself) plumb the depths of the heritage that is theirs by choosing to be American.

So as with any Learned Leprechaun worth his weight,  I’ll start with three wishes but won’t grant you a fourth! Seriously though, for the benefit of those who don’t know anything about American History I’ll start at the beginning by taking an overview and then move on to detailed step-by-step breakdown of the syllabus that I propose so that in about six to eight weeks we’ll be prepared to take the first of the tests.  Since I’ve already given you a good breakdown of gaining credits, I’ll start with a short plan that gives you links to sources of free information including video so tomorrow we’ll begin getting technical and dealing with the information proper.  Also, don’t forget my friends at InstantCert have a flashcard system that will assist you in solidifying this knowledge in preparation for the examination. If ten people sign up I get to have some Pizza money.  In the meantime I’m on a diet! If you read this blog and find it helpful please leave a comment or tell someone else about it so they can benefit too!

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