Saturday, February 16, 2013

The arrival of the Europeans

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The arrival of the Europeans is covered on ITunes  US History I course
by Carla Falkner  This is a good iTunes resource with slides that can be watched on your computer It is 14 minutes long.

Columbus 2213 ch 1 13:54 8/12/2008
Carla Falkner
Northeast Mississippi Community College Course -
Group - Columbus 2213 ch 1 - Northeast Mississippi Community College > HIS 2213 - US History I - US History 1 > Columbus 2213 ch 1

Follow this by iTunes Parkland College Course  the settlement of Jamestown
the audio on this is difficult to hear so make sure you don't have too many distractions.

02 The Settlement of Jamestown 32:10 6/10/2010 Parkland College Parkland College Course - Group - 02 The Settlement of Jamestown - Parkland College > HIS 104: History of U.S. to 1877 > 02 The Settlement of Jamestown

Recommended reading:

Pages :

InstantCert: US History 1

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 I've signed up went through the course and cancelled my account and they didn't charge me anymore
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